Militia and Interrogation


This exhibit pays tribute to the fallen heroes of 2020: the Confederate statues that were martyred in the wake of a national movement for racial justice. As you weave through our indoor sculpture garden behind the Militia Liberation Armory + Interrogation area, remember to salute these relics from a time when America was truly great, and mourn the lost cause that President Trump fought so hard to bring back.

On the walls behind the statues, you will find the full texts of the executive orders used to deploy federal troops to Trump-designated anarchist jurisdictions in an attempt to protect these great American monuments. As you read the writing on the walls, take a moment of silence to reflect on the devastation inflicted by the highly organized, Soros-funded national organization, “ANTIFA.”

At Donald Trump Library, we have fun for your whole family. While you are paying your respects to some very proud boys, kids ages 4+ can don a VR headset and play our exclusive DTL video game: Cops vs. Protesters. Your child will get the true police officer experience: choosing between the various weapons in his tool belt to neutralize unarmed radical leftists carrying cardboard signs. Watch out for the flying soup cans!

Finally, to memorialize your visit, take a picture in front of the smoldering St. John’s Episcopal Church steps. Bring your own Bible from home or purchase a commemorative Trump 2020 KJV at the gift shop for $24.99. But please, watch your step. You may encounter tear-gassed civilians suffocating on the ground as you approach. To ensure your safety, an armed National Guard member in full riot gear will be there to escort you.
Feel free to liberate YOUR State when you return home!


We know that Trump has a proven track-record of taking a strong stance against anti-fascists. Now, the American people have an entire exhibit showcasing it. This gallery sends a clear message: only a true patriot would be more concerned with the sanctity of 200-year-old monuments than the safety of living, breathing Americans. Let the Trump administration’s words stand as a reminder to how Black and Brown people demanding their basic human right not to be murdered by police left Trump with no choice but to suppress them and their allies with batons, chemical weapons, rubber bullets, arrests, and abductions.

If we have learned anything from Trump’s presidency, it is that there is no greater threat to national security than a president declaring war on his own people. And, as always, there is nothing more American than protecting property over human life. So, let’s always remember the fallen and never forget that their Confederate ideals live on in fringe boots-on-the-ground militias and all the way up to the nation’s highest office.


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