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How do I get alerted of site updates?

At current time, we do NOT have a mailing list. People don’t like spam and we want people to want to hear from us.


So, following the twitter feed at is the best way to be made aware of site updates.

Is this a real Presidential Library site?

Sadly, no. This is a work of satire and/or parody, and not a real project. As far as the team is aware, no architect has been commissioned to do the presidential library.


We are not expecting an RFP.


11/7/2022 note: in light of Elon Musk’s announcement that all twitter accounts that are not clearly marked ‘parody’ will be permanently banned, it is stated here that this site is a satire site. However, it is worth mentioning that as of this date, no known announcements (by our staff’s knowledge) have been made by Trump about the eventual construction of a NARA site for his records. With this in mind, as of this date, this is the closest thing to a presidential library that our former president has.

Why is your team doing this?

Why do any of us do anything really? Let’s just say a small architecture firm has grown exhausted of the turmoil, lawlessness, hypocrisy, and general hopelessness caused by the Trump Administration and our team wanted to go on the record about our feelings on the matter.

Who is behind this project from a creative standpoint?

With American discourse being dragged into a violent gutter by white nationalists, we are leaving our work unsigned.


But, we can say it’s a team. It started off as an architecture practice, but gained an army of curators, writers, designers, and general trouble makers.


And like all good teams, we came to fucking win.

The tone of the curation notes seems varied, is that intentional?

Our curation team has many members and they were chosen for their views and humor with light editing only from the site’s executive staff.


The varied tone is an ‘intentional accident’, but we are happy with the result.

I'd like to hire the architect behind this project!

That might be able to be arranged. The architecture firm is based in the general anarchist jurisdiction of New York City and specializes in smaller projects of $200k to $1M. Residential, commercial, animal, mineral, vegetable.


Email and put in the subject line “Hire Architect” and write the following:

  • Your name and number
  • Address of project / Desired scope
  • Your building management contact (name / number / email)

And we will take it from there.

It looks like you have inadvertently used my photo?

Crap. We used the Creative Commons database to get photos that were listed public domain for 95% of the photos and the model is the creative output of my office.


Still, before this got big, we had some placeholders, so we very well might have a couple of photos on here that might not be sourced.


Please email the team at with the subject “Photo Use” and let us know. We will do our best to respect people’s creative rights, either with credits and/or taking it down, because we would want the same courtesy!

I am (Place Trump Administration Official Name Here), and this is defamatory, take it down!

Not happening chief.


If you are (Place Trump Administration Official Name Here), you are a public figure and a work of satire and/or parody hitting you below the belt is protected under our first amendment rights. At least until the 6-3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court makes this a thought-crime and sentences us to death by Diabetes from eating Trump’s diet.


Until then?


Go play in traffic.

I want to 'curate' an exhibit!

Well, the museum will eventually need rotating exhibitions, correct? The hardest thing about doing this Library was editing down the numerous criminal acts of the most corrupt President in American history.


So, sure we will need more curation. No pitches right this minute, but we will accept some in the future. Bide your time future team members!

Can I tip the creative team?

You can donate to us, and many far more worthy causes, at this page.

You guys really don't like Trump do you?



His presidency is a stain on our nation that will take years to wash out.
Now, we start that process together.

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Adults (Immigrants): $50
Children & Students: free

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