Covid memorial A quiet reflecting pool at the lower levels of the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library to mourn the thousands dead under his lack of leadership. Covid memorial At the reflecting pool looking back towards the alt-right auditorium. Below grade memorial encased in granite, mourning thousands dead as the incarcerated look on in shame. Covid memorial Cellar entrance from Main Atrium at the Wall of Criminality to enter the hallowed space to mourn our fellow Americans who died. Covid memorial Looking down on the memorial space at the lower level from the street entrance sidewalk. Flanked by 'The Wall', first time visitors look on in solemn contemplation of those we have lost. Covid graveyard A partial greenroof for VIP burial of the deceased supporters who did not take COVID seriously. May they rest in peace and may their untimely demise be a reminder to trust medical professionals in the future.

Tue ‒ Sun: 10am ‒ 08pm
Mon: closed

Adults (Citizens): $25
Adults (Seniors): $10
Adults (Immigrants): $50
Children & Students: free

1 MAGA Lane
Nogales, AZ 85621