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Phase Two

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Phase Two: A Physical Home

With the 45th president not removing himself, or his dangerous ideas, from the public discourse, it is necessary to create a venue to act as a counterbalance to his hurtful legacy. And if we can have a few laughs in the process, even better.

Part ‘A’ Goal is $82,500 for Hard Cost Estimate (Rent / Staff)

Part ‘B’ Goal to follow for Soft Cost Estimate after Part ‘A’ fulfilled.


The phase two goal of the DJTL team is to execute a temporary (pop-up) presidential library dedicated to the documentation (read: mockery) of the 45th president’s tenure in office.


The DJTL phase two is an act of protected speech (SATIRE and/or PARODY) of a public figure. This is an artistic project in the vein of Hustler v. Falwell. Further, the critical nature of this project pertains to Trump's public service only and no inference should be made that this project is critical of any commercial services offered by his various business interests.


This library is urgently needed to counteract the misinformation that the official presidential library is sure to spread. As the insurrection on January 6th, 2021 showed, Donald Trump and his brand of nationalism are here to stay. So someone probably needs to extend a critical middle finger towards the MAGA movement for posterity.

photo credit: jose luis magana, ap
[ Mission Statement ]

Goals of the library team are:

  • Using satire/parody and artistic criticism to document the 45th president’s effect on the American political landscape.
  • Execute a pop-up library to act as a counterbalance to the eventual official Presidential Library that will display a sanitized rendition of Trump’s tenure.
  • Toe the thin line that exists between an accurate accounting of Trump’s tenure and satirizing the absolute absurdity of the guy behind “The Apprentice” being in charge of nuclear codes.

We will achieve these goals by:

  • Documenting the myriad foibles of the Trump presidency.
  • Providing exhibits to establish the context of the Trump administration’s  impact.
  • Drinking.

“The danger of Trump using a presidential library to burnish his image is far more serious … promoting the idea that his electoral loss was somehow fraudulent. That creates an ongoing uncertainty in American public life, which Trump and even more unscrupulous actors will use to further division, inflame tension, exacerbate racism and delegitimize the American democratic system.”

– Philip Kennicott, Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic of The Washington Post

funding / execution

unlike 'some' people we actually try to not swindle people

model shot of Obama Center – design by Williams / Tsien

We are approaching project funding / execution using the following process.

A: Use crowdfunding to:

  • Sign lease for exhibit space
  • Finalize budget and timeline
  • Preliminary exhibit design

B: Execute project

  • Finalize design
  • Build out the space
  • Open two month pop-up run (preliminary schedule September – October 2023)

preliminary budget

please don't investigate us AG James...

photo of Clinton Library – design by Polshek / Ennead

The budget of $215,000 is preliminary and may be adjusted up or down as the project develops. It is broken up as follows:

A. Hard Costs:

  • 2.5 month lease
  • Staffing on site
  • Exhibit insurance
  • Project buildout

B. Soft Costs:

  • Additional exhibits and renderings
  • Honorariums for design staff
  • Project management / travel
  • Opening reception

C. Professional Services: 

  • Legal services if necessary
  • Bookkeeping and/or accounting

D. Grifting Slush Fund to Our Team

  • Just making sure you are paying attention.

crowdfunding rewards

how we will show our appreciation

Rewards to our donors:

$50 donation: donor credit

  • Your name on the credit page as a founding donor of the project (if you choose)

$150 donation: access to exclusive updates

  • Private exclusive updates to project process.

TOP THREE donors in dollar amount by 2/6/23: ($5,000 minimum to qualify)

  • Work with our project team to help design on an exhibit.

TOP ONE donor in dollar amount by 2/6/23: ($8,000 minimum donation to qualify)

  • Trip for 1 or 2 to visit project (value limit of $1,250)

Whatever oligarch that donates the full $215K:

  • Probably whatever you want? Let us know. It would still be less than Kevin McCarthy is going to have to give Matt Gaetz to win the Speaker’s gavel.


  • For benefits to kick in, the project needs to be fully funded at crowdfunding goal.


With a stated mission to provide context and analysis of the former president’s legacy, it is important to site the Donald J. Trump Library in a ‘purple’ state or region. This will allow the project to educate and persuade. Plus, if we are very lucky, we might make the right people very angry with us. One can hope.

ok, we have questions.


you're asking for HOW much now?

Ugh. Yeah, $215K a ton of money. Obviously we hate grifters (see: the entire project), so it literally is causing us pain to ask for cash. But if this is going to happen it might take a few pennies.

isn't trump done?

One would hope. His re-election campaign is already in a ditch and he is bleeding support. Having said that, he still has a firm grip on his base and is, until proven otherwise, the leader of the GOP.


Besides, the MAGA movement has hatched a cadre of truly craven knockoffs of the genuine article. This is still a target rich environment in need of some selective pruning.

still anonymous huh?

DJT’s followers are still armed, dangerous, and stupid, correct?

Again, our director is an architect based in New York, a city where Trump has a 97% (estimated) un-favorable rating. They are literally throwing commissions away being anonymous.

can you pull this off?

We got this far right? When in doubt, bet on the team that is too stupid to quit when they are ahead and just reckless enough to make constructively bad decisions.


We are ‘just’ crazy enough to make this happen.

would you sell the site?

If Trump gives us $30 million, we will consider giving him the website.


It’s not like he paid taxes or anything.

let's get to work

join the team

We could always use another sucker to work for free.

[ Moving Forward with Your Help ]

Our team appreciates your time in reviewing the case for a temporary physical pop-up museum making an honest (but satirical) assessment of Trump’s legacy.

Please consider how you could be a valuable addition to our team

Or just give us money. That works too.

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Admin Staff:

make it possible

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Part ‘A’ Goal is $82,500 for Hard Cost Estimate (Rent / Staff)

Part ‘B’ Goal to follow for Soft Cost Estimate after Part ‘A’ fulfilled.

Thanks for your support

Tue ‒ Sun: 10am ‒ 08pm
Mon: closed

Adults (Citizens): $25
Adults (Seniors): $10
Adults (Immigrants): $50
Children & Students: free

1 MAGA Lane
Nogales, AZ 85621