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Due to America’s chronic underfunding of civic necessities, callous disregard for public health, and our inability as a society to function with the required degree of compassion and fairness, we as a people are often left to our own devices on how to help not just ourselves, but other people as well.

If you are on this page, you likely want to help someone, somewhere, a little bit. And we are happy to help you satisfy this impulse.

Below we list some categories where help might be needed. The sites and charities chosen are at the discretion of the site. They are not attached to this site or staff unless otherwise noted, and don’t necessarily endorse the library’s mission. So don’t hold it against them or send them hate mail.

We get the hate mail.
They get the money.

Got it? If so, click below.


Instead of funding elections publicly and capping spending to make our political discourse more tilted towards policy, we have instead decided (‘we’ = five supreme court justices) that basically unlimited spending as free speech is good for democracy.


So, we are left in the ridiculous situation to ask normal people to contribute to help buy advertising for politicians. This is sick, wasteful, and a travesty, but where we are.


With that in mind, we are left reluctantly reminding you that there is a crucial run-off in Georgia with Rev. Warnock and Jon Ossoff in a race to deliver President-Elect Biden the barest of working margins.


So, while in normal times, your money would be better spent on pints with friends, you shouldn’t be inside a bar right now, and this needs to happen. Donate to:


Succeeding in life, be it in America or anywhere else, is much more difficult than we want to admit. The myth of the ‘self-made’ success is a common and debilitating collective delusion.


To succeed you usually need to work hard, get help, AND get a little lucky.


If you are successful, great! We are thrilled, we’d like to think we are too. But we’ll be damned if we got here on our own. We worked hard, friends (and even complete strangers!) helped us, and we got incredibly lucky. Frankly, we are grateful we have gotten this far.


A functioning society is one that lowers the ladder down, and does not pull the rope up. People have to pull themselves up from their bootstraps, but they need the boots to do it.


With that in mind, the successful among us need to help others get to that level. The more success there is, the better society is.


With that in mind, we suggest giving to:



Note: We will likely rotate these, so if your charity isn’t here, reach out, we can definitely do a link on a rotating basis.


This one is easy.


They’re all good dogs (and cats, and iguanas, and…), so donate to:


this site

Sure, we accept tips. We put some time into this, and if it entertained you, educated you, or even enraged you, we’re glad.


The links above are more worthy, so start there. We do have web costs and time spent, and we don’t mind having some income to spend on dogs and pints. So feel free to leave a tip if inclined, but frankly start above first.

  • Political
    • Vote out Loeffler
    • Give to Warnock
  • $ $
  • Political
    • Vote out Perdue
    • Give to Ossoff
  • $ $
  • Societal
    • Homes For Our Troops
    • Help A Veteran
  • $ $
  • Societal
    • World Central Kitchen
    • Help Feed the Needy
  • $ $
  • Societal
    • American Civil Liberties Union
    • Like to say “F*ck”, they help that.
  • $ $
  • Animals
    • American Humane
    • They’re all Good Dogs
  • $ $

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Adults (Citizens): $25
Adults (Seniors): $10
Adults (Immigrants): $50
Children & Students: free

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