“Lie to America”


Come browse these hallowed statements made before the American people without the slightest lick of contrition. If Trump says it, it must’ve been true, and if you worked for Trump, you too might have been asked to step in and make statements to support his ideas.  Many a brave Press Secretary has tried to keep this course, as you wander through consider how well their statements have aged, and who performed their most honorable task most honorably and in the bigliest way possible.  A commemorative sharpie marker is available at the end of the exhibit for you to correct anything you find written down that you think needs to be changed to fit your worldview.


As Kellyanne Conway would say, these aren’t lies, they are just alternative facts.  The Trump Presidency was chock full of these alternative facts, from Day 1’s claims about crowd size to claims that Covid would vanish during the summer. Take a chance to wander through these halls and view some of the best alternative facts from the entirety of the first term.  Enjoy the freedom that comes from not being limited by truth and objective reality, maybe even make up an alternative fact of your own while you’re at it. After all, 105% of people visiting this gallery do!  If someone doesn’t believe what you’re saying, just remember that they are part of the Left-wing media Antifa brigade, and their facts don’t matter.


Lies about Covid
Lies about crowd size:
Lies about Hurricanes
Top Lies of 2019

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