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“Put Together Trump’s Taxes”


Why should the New York Times, the House Oversight Committee, and the Southern District of New York have all the fun trying to piece together Trump’s taxes?


A fun puzzle you can do with the whole family, the graphics show all the tax information that President Trump has willingly given the American people about this tax returns.


Take every individual piece of the puzzle and use the data that Donald has allowed the voters to see.


“I pay a lot of tax. I just signed a big fat check recently for a lot of tax. I paid literally, I paid a lot of tax and you know, look, I don’t mind. I’m proud to pay it up. If I owe it, I pay it.” – Trump



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Made of sturdy cardboard and mounted on chipboard, these puzzles are printed with the exact amount of clarity we have gotten on Trump’s taxes.

For hours of puzzle insanity, give this puzzle as a gift today!

Tue ‒ Sun: 10am ‒ 08pm
Mon: closed

Adults (Citizens): $25
Adults (Seniors): $10
Adults (Immigrants): $50
Children & Students: free

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