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at the presidential library

“Stable Genius” Yoga Mat


While Donald Trump doesn’t look flexible, you try to run an elaborate worldwide grift while paying off adult movie stars in the middle of sacrificing national security to foreign dictators. That takes some serious range of motion.


So while you get your warrior pose on, remember his actions are more in the downward dog range. Eventually he’ll process his loss and have to sit and cry in child’s pose. Namaste.



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Created out of a desire to sustainably bring the beauty of art, functionality, and personal expression into your yoga practice.

  • Dimensions: 72″ x 24″, comfy 0.25″ thick

Tue ‒ Sun: 10am ‒ 08pm
Mon: closed

Adults (Citizens): $25
Adults (Seniors): $10
Adults (Immigrants): $50
Children & Students: free

1 MAGA Lane
Nogales, AZ 85621